Fort Myers Sanibel Island Fishing Charters For Sharks

Shark Fishing Adventure

Fort Myers is the perfect place to fish for shark in the warmer months. Sharks are strong and powerful swimmers, which is why the sport has become so popular amongst Florida's anglers. Here in South West Florida, we have a variety of common sharks that feed inshore such as Bull Shark, Bonnethead, Nurse and Black tip just to name a few. The Most exciting of course, is the very aggressive Bull Shark!

Bull Shark
Bull Sharks are historically responsible for a number of unprovoked attacks on humans around the world. This species has been considered by many experts to be the most dangerous shark in the world. On average, adult males average about 7 feet. Adult females, about 11.5 feet. The bull shark is one of the most frequent attacker of people, becuase it swims in very shallow waters where people swim and is an intrusive shark.

Bonnethead Shark
The Bonnethead is another shark species found in the Fort Myers bays and estuaries. The shark is the smallest member of the Hammerhead family and averages 3 to 4 feet. This is a fun shark to catch on light tackle with small live bait or cut-bait. U-like the Bull Shark, this species is not a harm to humans.

Nurse Shark
The Nurse Shark is nocturnal, feeding at night on sea urchins, crabs, etc... It is extremely common to find them sleeping in groups on the flats and sea grass beds. Although they are considered to be a easy going shark, their average size of 7-8.5 ft can be of concern.

The Black tip is identifiable by the black tip on its fins. An amazing shark in it's own sense, during feeding frenzies this species lunges out of the water and spins around before dropping back into the ocean.

Fort Myers and Sanibel Island shark fishing is like nothing else! These fish will test the limits of you and your gear! Don't take our word for it. Come see for yourself. We book our shark trips in the evening hours. Just wait until you feel that jolt of the rod and hear your reel scream!

What to expect on your charter
FishSkinner Charters usually books shark trips during the warmer months (times may vary). We favor months when the water is calmer and the sharks are found closer inshore. We provide everything you will need for your charter. The very best St. Croix Rods combined  and Penn Reels. We choose to catch and release only.

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